Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Onwards and downwards

Horse has lost 6kg - now on the line between 484kg and 478kg - and I've finally lost 1lb after 4-5 weeks stuck at the same weight. 

A very kind neighbour has offered me the use of her treeless saddle until I can afford a new one, so I may take her up on that when the weather dries up a bit.

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Same old, same old

Nothing much to report here.  Merlin has been on the line between 490 and 498 for the past fortnight, so since the grass is starting to come through (unlike the rest of the UK we're in glorious sunshine and temperatures of 6-8C in the daytime) he's getting 50g less beet in his morning bucket and I'll probably take 50g out of the evening bucket from next weekend. 

The farrier came on Friday.  In the vague hope of being able to present him with a clean horse, I groomed Merlin on Thursday night and got all the mud out.  Went down to feed him on Friday morning and was presented with a swamp donkey.  He'd PLASTERED himself in it and it was still wet.  Never mind, the farrier wasn't due until 2, so plenty of time for him to dry off and I could tie him up by the top gate about 1.30 and keep an eye out for the van.  It was a beautiful plan until the farrier turned up half an hour ahead of schedule! 

Still, he's had his pedicure (very little needed doing, just a little bit of shaping with the rasp), he didn't nibble the farrier's bottom and on the whole he seems pretty happy with life at the moment.