Monday, 6 June 2011

Rider fitness

It's not just Merlin who needs to get fit, it's me as well. I thought I was actually quite fit - I managed to run the Inverness half marathon this year - but my aching stomach muscles this morning were a sign that although I might be generally fairly fit I'm not at all riding fit.

At least the right muscles were aching. Sore stomach muscles and a lack of sore inner thigh muscles means that I was starting to use my core yesterday which is a good sign.

I haven't run properly since 1st May, when I did a 9 mile run on holiday in Northumbria and thanks to a combination of running on a beach and lanes with steep cambers managed to knacker my left foot. I tried doing a mile at home 11 days later, to see if I'd be able to jog around the Castle of Mey 10k, but it was aching when I finished and by the time I'd been round Tesco the following morning I was sore from foot to thigh. I eventually went to see the practise nurse, who gave me a tubigrip and a tube of ibuprofen gel and after a couple of days without the tubigrip with no pain I decided to put it back on and do a gentle mile up and down the road. Even though I took it slowly I couldn't have gone too much further, my fitness has really dropped, but I'm pleased to report that two hours later there are no adverse effects :o)

6th June - 1 mile - 11 mins 59 secs

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