Monday, 3 October 2011

Winter feeding

The weight tape this morning was just touching the top of the 498kg band, so it's time to start feeding him again as he drops weight extremely rapidly once it gets cold and I don't want to be back where we were last year when he got very skinny in January.  So although his perfect weight is about 480kg I'm going to start him on 2 handfuls of sugar beet pellets, soaked, morning and night from tomorrow and I'll pick up some D&H Leisure Mix when I'm in town on Thursday, he can have half a scoop of that on top.

I took him out of the top field this morning because the wind picked up overnight and we're due some rain as well, so he's back in the bottom two where he can use the field shelter if he wants.  I tied him up, groomed him and picked his feet out before I let him go - FIVE minutes later I hear hoof beats and there's a very muddy horse standing behind me, beaming from ear to ear, going 'Look what I did!!!'  He then did his best Tigger impression all over the bottom fields (about 2 acres), cantering up from the bottom one and showing off with his lovely floating trot while I watched through my fingers, dreading seeing him pull up lame.  But he was completely sound and when I checked him again half an hour later his fetlock looked completely normal.  Promising :o)

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