Sunday, 22 January 2012

Up and down

It's been a horrible week weather-wise - rain, hail, high winds, you name it.  Yet somehow my unrugged, out 24/7, doesn't-do-winters horse has managed to put on weight and is now in the 498kg band again.  Back to 4 large handfuls of beet per meal then.

I was very proud of him on Monday.  The salmon fishing station at the end of the road put in a concrete loading dock last year which I was eyeing up as a perfect mounting block.  Would Merlin set hoof on the concrete?  Would he hell.  Every time I've gone that way walking him out he's carefully side-stepped the concrete area and flatly refused to walk on it if I asked him to.  I tried again when we were down there on Monday and he walked straight across it with no hesitation at all.  No idea what's changed, but he got lots of praise and we did it again on the way back just to prove it wasn't a fluke.

I finished the last bale of hay in the storage side of the pig palace this morning.  Just the bales in the pig-sleeping side now (I think that's 27 or 28, I can't remember) plus 10 bales of HorseHage.  It should be enough to get us through to the good grass.

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