Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Not much to report...

...other than the weight tape said 511kg this morning (up from 498kg a month ago) - just goes to show how looks can be deceiving because his moobs have gone down and I actually thought he'd lost a bit.

Still, we're nearly at the end of the good grass season and he's not going to hit the 550kg mark this year (which was roughly what he weighed when he arrived last summer). The plan for this winter is less rugs, less stabling and more food - he really doesn't enjoy being in and usually tries to take chunks out of you when you rug him unless it's really, really cold, so I shall fence off the flat section between the field shelter and the water trough, put a big round bale of hay behind the shelter, stuff him with Build Up as it gets colder, slather his heels in pig oil and see how he does. Last year I rugged him too much too early and he never really grew a proper winter coat - apparently the average temperature in Hungary in winter is 0 to -15C and I doubt very much he was rugged and stabled there...

He's still bored though, he chased the dogs this morning while I was picking up - my fault, his section has got slowly larger as I've moved him up the field so he had enough space for a few strides of canter. Back down to a small square now, with a chute down to the water trough. Once I'd put the dogs back in the house we had a soppy scratching session - I've got long-ish nails at the moment which he really seems to like. I worked my way up the underneath of his neck on both sides and he stuck his head in the air and stretched and stretched and stretched before dropping it down to groom my shoulders in return.

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