Saturday, 3 September 2011

Another month

Still not much to report on the horse front (busy month for us, we got married!). He's chomped his way through field 2 now and I moved him up into field 1 this morning. He's back on a tiny square because he's in 4" lush grass and if we get a September flush up here then the sugar content is going to go through the roof.

The leg seems to be much better, he's bounced on it a couple of times after he's been in overnight and he's sound in trot, striding out well in walk and seems to be landing heel first again, all of which are good signs. Still trying to organise the scans, the current situation is that the new portable large animal scanners at Thurso and Wick won't show enough detail, but Wick still has their old one which will. Last time Bridget (the equine specialist vet who'll be doing the scans) spoke to Wick it wasn't working, so she's trying to get hold of them to find out what the situation is and if it's fixed she'll borrow it and come out to us, which will be a LOT easier than hauling Merlin into Thurso.

Currently wondering what to do about my insurance, since the renewal has come through. It's gone up to £32.99 a month, which isn't bad given he's now officially a veteran, but there are now exclusions on his front right fetlock (and I haven't even put a claim in for that yet!!) and his rear right hock, so I'm not entirely sure I wouldn't be better off putting £30 a month in a savings account instead. If he was going to be prone to laminitis it would have shown up this summer and since he ate half a bin of unsoaked beet shreds at a previous home with no ill effects, his digestive system is pretty robust as well. One to think about.

Weigh in day for him tomorrow, if he hasn't gained weight he'll be the only member of the family who didn't in August!

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