Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Back up the hill

He wasn't particularly happy about being caught again today, but allowed himself to be tempted into the field shelter with a carrot where I closed the gate behind him. We went for an in-hand bimble up the hill again, he was very forwards until he slipped twice coming back down after which he decided that walking at my pace might be a good idea. On the way back we went past his field, down to the fork in the road, turned and came back again - I don't want him learning to zip straight back down the drive the moment we pass it because therein lies the road to him tanking off homewards!

First thing he did when he was back in his field? Have a really good roll to put back all the mud I'd groomed off him before we went out... Tomorrow I'm planning to ride again if the weather permits and he hasn't twanged anything when he slipped.

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