Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Working in the rain

Merlin had a day off yesterday - Monday will always be his regular day off because I'm normally busy with work that day. Today I wanted to lunge him again to see if discovering the ability to walk on the lunge was a one-off or whether it marked a new change in attitude.

It was just starting to spot with rain as I stepped out of the back door. Merlin eyed me suspiciously as I walked up to him, took his piece of carrot and then buggered off smartly before I could put a headcollar on him. Ten minutes of loose schooling(!) later he finally consented to be caught and by the time he was booted, bridled and up in the school it was raining steadily.

I made sure we started on the left rein today since that's his easy side, and he was brilliant. Calm walk, a few transitions from walk to halt to walk to trot to walk to halt, lots of praise and a carrot treat.

Mick arrived home at that point so I warned him he might be needed again as we swapped to the other rein, but no - same again, a calm walk, a few transitions, good as gold, so we ended it there and I took Merlin back down the hill for his supper.

I think the improvement is less to do with my l33t horz skillz and more to do with him not being bothered to mess about because of the rain, but it's good to see all the same :o)

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