Sunday, 15 May 2011

What's this then?

This is a training blog for my horse, Merlin. I want to keep a record of what we do so I can look back and hopefully see progress being made.

For anyone stumbling on this blog by chance, I'm Caroline. I'm 35 and I live on a croft on the north coast of Scotland. Merlin is a 16 year old 15.3hh Hungarian horse (Magyar Felver, according to his passport, which means half bred or part bred Hungarian) who came to stay with me temporarily last summer and never left. I bought him in January this year.

We've got a great relationship on the ground, but under saddle it all seems to go wrong. I'm not the most confident rider and he's learnt from his previous homes that if he takes the piss he gets out of doing any work, so he's spent the last four years (ever since he was imported to the UK) doing not a lot. Back, teeth and saddle have all been checked, so I just have to man up and learn to deal with it :o)

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